A few months ago, I looked at my Comcast cable bill and realized that my $136.35 cable bundle that I signed up for was really $243.16 every month,
I multiplied my bill by twelve = $2,917.92 and thought of all the things that I could have spent a year’s worth of cable TV on.
I decided that I had enough of paying for channels that I do not watch, it is time to cut the cord to cable TV.
Watch HDTV For Free, Anywhere In The United States!!
I learned that with a $50.00 HD antenna I could get upto 70 local channels in my area for Free.
The idea of receiving television for free was great, but I had major concerns about the picture quality.
I had given up attempts to pull in a decent picture with an antenna decades ago, and I really did not ever want to try that again.
But I dug a little deeper & discovered that when the television stations converted from analog to digital,
this change made it possible for us to get high quality channels for free using a HD antenna.
How Good Is Free Digital Television?
How to Watch Free HDTV Channels in Your Area with a Digital TV Antenna
After some research, I purchased an out door RCA Digital HD Antenna for $50.00 and installed it in my attic.
When I saw the picture quality, I was amazed. The picture quality was better than cable.
I decided that over-the-air digital television is the most under-rated and under-appreciated technological breakthrough of our time.
With a small, inexpensive antenna, most Americans can pick up dozens of channels in perfect high-definition.

Unlike the old system, which is no longer even broadcast, there is never any picture degradation or “snow” with digital television.
99% of the time, you either get the picture, or you don’t, so picture quality is rarely an issue.
In fact, it has been shown that cable and satellite services actually compress their HD signals more than over-the-air broadcasters. The result is that my neighbors who pay for their television channels actually get a lower quality picture than the one I watch for free!

Another surprising benefit is the channel guide feature that you get with over-the-air digital television.
Just like a cable or satellite program, a broadcast digital signal is encoded with information about current and future programs.
Any compatible television or converter box should include a guide feature to display this information.
Cutting The Cord To Cable Television
How Many Channels Will I Get?
Currently, I get about 60 channels for free.
Frankly, it’s a pleasure not to waste hours of time watching cable news channels or flipping through channels that I don't care to watch,
but many people will miss ESPN or other sports channels.
When it comes to premium content, I have found with a high speed internet connection and a media streaming device you can access services
like Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video etc.
With these sevices you can see TV shows & movies that are on cable for a small fee, without the high cost of a cable subscription.
Media Streaming Device
With a high speed internet connection, a media streaming device can help ease the pain of cutting the cord to cable TV.
A high speed internet connection will cost you about $50.00 a month but that is it, no FCC or nickel & dime fees.
I purchased a Roku 3 streaming device for $90.00, added Netflix for $8.00 & Hulu Plus for $8.00 along with Amazon instant video,
I now can watch almost all of the same shows that I watched on cable tv but for less money than a cable subscription.
With my internet connection Netflix & Hulu Plus, I now pay about $66.00 a month to watch almost all of the same shows
that I watched on cable tv, a savings of $177.16 a month = $2125.92 a year.
My overall experience cutting the cord to cable, I do not miss cable tv.
I am enjoying watching full seasons of shows that I missed on cable tv via my Roku streaming device, Netflix & Hulu Plus, and I get 60 local channels for free.
Watch HDTV For Free, Anywhere In The United States!!